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My name is Lorraine Daum and I grew up in the South West part of France, near the French Pyrenees and the Atlantic coast. I have now been living in Stockholm, Sweden for the last thirteen years.

During my years here, I have observed several French companies and products establish in Sweden like the food company Picard (yay!) or the cosmetics company Sephora (yay!).

However I had a hard time finding products for my home that really came from France and not from a combination of Google translation and Chinese production…

Le Comptoir

So in 2016, I started my own company selling interior design, cooking ustensiles, textiles and other lifestyles products from solely French companies. I name the company “Le Comptoir” since I wanted a classical French name related to commerce and I like the idea of a counter in a shop like the old days where you could get advice from the personel. I want to help customers who want French goods in their home with finding genuine products and give them advice and recommendations.

You can find the webshop at lecomptoir.se

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